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We can make meaningful and healthy adjustments in our lives-one step at a time. Stepping Stones to Living Life Well is an online, guided, reflective, personal, coaching approach that supports you in taking steps that honour your wellbeing. Each series includes facilitator presentation, guided exercises and post session reflections. In between sessions, participants have the opportunity to connect and share their triumphs as well as challenges within a private online CGC forum.

To be launched soon. Contact us for more information or to be added to our wait list.


Series 1: Core

We begin by considering what supports us in Rooting ~ centring ourselves in our BodyMind, Heart and Spirit.


Series 2: Cornerstones

We will explore the foundational steps in living life well by examining the key elements that enhance our wellbeing: Requesting, Receiving, Releasing and Rejoicing.


Series 3: Wellspring

We become contemplative as we Retreat, ReView, Reflect, and ReVision; setting intentions that encourage us to further step towards the life that we long to live.


Series 4: Wellbeing Mentoring Circle

Movement through Series 1, 2 and 3, opens the opportunity to engage in a Wellbeing Mentoring Circle. With a small group of participants and Christine’s guidance, you will ReConnect with the steps that you have taken, make helpful ReAdjustments and ReAffirm your wellbeing intentions.

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