Online Self Compassion for Shame Course

with Christine Grace McMulkin and Ali Lambie

“Shame strikes at the core of our being but has nothing to do with who we really are.” – Chris Germer

Welcome to this groundbreaking new program developed by Dr. Chris Germer and team. In this course, we’ll take a unique, non-pathological look at Shame through the eyes of Self Compassion and discover how Self Compassion is the antidote to Shame.

  • What would happen if you were able to care for yourself when you felt Shame, rather than being immobilized by fear, attacking yourself, or zoning out?
  • How would your life be different if you could meet Shame with compassion and stay connected, think in a balanced way, and make wise, healthy, choices.

Course Dates

This Self Compassion for Shame course meets for 2 hours every Thursday from October 3rd – November 21st from 1100am – 100pm Eastern Time Zone. Click here to view Time Conversion Chart.

An additional 1 hour per week practice group is encouraged and is offered every Tuesday from October 8th – November 26th from 1100am – 1200am Eastern Time Zone. Click here to view Time Conversion Chart.

Course Cost

Early Bird Rate until September 22nd: $685.00 Canadian
Course Rate after September 22nd: $785.00 Canadian


To support the creation of an intimate and compassionate learning community space, enrollment is limited.

Pre-Requisite for Registration

Self Compassion for Shame is an advanced Mindful Self Compassion program. Completion of an 8 week, 10 week, or 5 day intensive Mindful Self Compassion Program is a pre-requisite for enrollment in the Self Compassion for Shame program.

All those who meet the pre-requisite and wish to take next steps to discover personal and unique ways to work with Shame, and ultimately, to loosen the grip of shame with the support of Self Compassion are welcome.

Self Compassion for Shame is a therapeutic, resource-building program, as is the MSC program. Since we will be touching Shame with Self Compassion, challenging emotions may arise. Your teaching team is committed to co-creating, along with the course participants, a safe and rewarding learning experience.

Participant Application:

Course Teachers

Christine Grace McMulkin MSW RSW MSc

  • Based in Canada, Christine is a certified, seasoned, and revered Teacher of Mindful Self Compassion. Christine completed the MSC Teacher Training Practicum for Self Compassion for Shame in March 2024 under the guidance of Chris Germer. Christine is also a Trained Teacher of the Fierce Self Compassion program and an MSC Teacher Trainer. A Compassion Focused Therapist, Christine trained through the Compassionate Mind Foundation and has completed the Self Compassion in Psychotherapy certificate offered by the Center for Mindful Self Compassion.

Ali Lambie

  • Based in the UK and with a background as a therapist within the National Health Service (NHS) and as a mindfulness teacher, I’ve been immersed in the world of MSC since 2013, including more recent developments such as Fierce Self Compassion. I’m a Teacher Training (in person, LOTT and Practicum) a Zoom Consultation host for new teachers and Mentor for those applying for Certification. I run online and in person courses and retreats in the UK and internationally, and also offer regular supervision for other teachers both in person and online.

Course Topics:

  • Mindfulness of Shame
  • Origins of Shame
  • Self-Criticism
  • Body Compassion
  • Self-Forgiveness
  • Hidden Parts
  • Social Justice

Course Learning Objectives:

  1. Summarize the theory and research on shame and Self Compassion
  2. Describe how Self Compassion is an antidote to shame
  3. Describe the 3 paradoxes of shame
  4. Identify personal childhood and cultural disconnections that lead to shame
  5. Apply new Self Compassion practices to relieve the burden of shame
  6. Alleviate body shame with compassion
  7. Direct Self Compassion to hidden parts of ourselves
  8. Disengage from habitual self-criticism by cultivating Self Compassion
  9. Take positive action to live with less shame in daily life