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I wish to acknowledge those who inspire and guide me; nurturing my growth and encouraging me to step fully into myself and Christine Grace and Community.


Geneviève Appleton,

Media Consultant, Logo, Graphic

and Website Designer/Builder

White Wave Productions

About Geneviève


Nita Venter,

eLearning Consultant



Anna Mastoris, a technical wizard who skillfully administers our website.

Ally Campbell, a gifted creative artist who is beautifully enveloping my words with softness and colour.

Ufuk Önen, a patient and skilled audio engineer who is capturing my voice so that I can further share my meditations and offerings with the world.

And my dear family and friends who continue to be there for me through it all. Love you more xo.

And those with whom I am forever grateful to have crossed paths with:

Judith Onley, who kept my feet on the ground while I reached for the stars.

Dharshika Watson, who capably provided administrative support as we embarked on our journey and Peter Andruski, who steadfastly led the initial web site build.

Leah Solomaa, who discovered my soprano voice and welcomed me into a circle of song and Kelly Galbraith, who encouraged me to reach for the high notes.

My teachers and mentors in Mindfulness: Kristen Neff, Christopher Germer, Dawn MacDonald, Steve Hickman, Michelle Becker, Patricia Rockman, David Denis, Evan Collins, Zindel Segal, and Mental Health: Marianne Farkas, William Anthony, Sue McNamara, and Jenny Carver.

Cheryl Richardson, a life coach and author, whose sessions I have attended and whose presentations, teachings and writings inspire extreme self care.

As well as J.J. O’Hara, a business entrepreneur who offered me guidance and encouragement.

With heartfelt appreciation,


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