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Through pausing – even for a moment – we become better able to observe ourselves in relation to our experiences as well as to others. Within the stillness, we begin to hear what we need and long for, and envision the next steps toward our desired life path.

It has been an honour for me to support many people through their life transitions and health challenges. I listen deeply for your heart’s longing. I hold the space and walk alongside as you take courageous steps towards treating yourself, your health, and your life, with reverence.

My private sessions are offered virtually, through a web conferencing platform. Sessions are fifty minutes in length and are, on average, three sessions in total. Connect with me to explore how I can best support you in making mindful, self honouring changes in your life.

It is from a place of inner peace that everything is possible: physical wellbeing, mental clarity, emotional balance and spiritual knowing.

—Judith Onley

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