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Everyday Mindfulness: Everyday Sounds

It was a slow and sacred Sunday morning. I had ventured into my neighbourhood, always grateful that so much was in easy walking distance. In between commitments I found myself in the midst of a lovely breathing space. With the temperature rising on this mid-winter day, a tea and an outdoor seat felt just right. Hot tea in hand, I was drawn by the warmth of the sun and the lakefront.

As I meandered through the heart of the neighbourhood park, it was apparent that many were emerging from hibernation to also enjoy this midwinter reprieve. I passed children climbing and chasing, slipping and sliding; dogs frolicking and aquaintances pausing to chat. There was nary a cell phone in sight :-).

When I arrived at my destination I took a moment to search for a just-right seat, and found a bench beside the boardwalk giving me a perfect vantage of the beach and lake water beyond. I sipped and savoured my tea. I turned my face to the sun. I closed my eyes. I listened… to everyday sounds moving past me and through me. In front of me, the rise and fall of footsteps, slices of conversations, panting dogs and the whirl of scooter wheels. Behind me, from the outdoor skating rink, the swoosh of skates, pucks being passed, and the occasional cheer or moan. Beyond, the rolling of the waves and sound of the wind moving through the trees. And within, the gentle movement of my breath and a sigh of deep contentment.

I was reminded that this everyday moment for mindfulness is readily available to me—and to us—whenever we pause, exhale, and take the time to tune into the surrounding sounds of life and living.

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