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Setting Intentions: Letting Go of Resolutions

I have long since chosen to step back from the hype and revelry that often accompanies the transition from one year to the next, and instead choose to step into a time of stillness and quiet reflection. I have also long since let go of setting New Year’s Resolutions, and do my best to deflect the tsunami of promotions and enticements that flood my social media feed as the calendar turns. Instead I craft intentions: simple statements providing me with a soft compass and rooted in gentle encouragement.

As I pondered in front of the fire with a cup of tea in hand, the initial intention for 2018 emerged. “I intend to walk more and drive less,” I declared. And with the expanse of a two+ week pause over the festive season, this intention quietly accompanied me. And as the days unfolded, there the car sat accumulating snow, and there my boots were donned as I tramped through it. I’m fortunate in being in a neighbourhood where I can easily access much by foot, but I found myself stretching beyond my usual haunts. Eight days passed before I cleared off the car, and after that one outing, another seven days passed before I resumed my work and driving routine. And although I’m behind the wheel more often, I continue to intentionally schedule car free—carefree!—days.

Feeling the benefit of accumulating steps rather than driving kilometers, another intention emerged. “I intend to move more and sit less,” I declared. And I was aware of quiet wish following on its heels: “I wish that the club was in walking distance.”  (A fitness club of which I was a previous member, one that I loved but was an effort-filled drive away.) And I let that thought go. But lo and behold walking home only a few days later on the opposite side of the street from my usual route, there it was: that very club had moved premises to within an easy walk from my home. I stopped in my tracks, and with jaw dropped and eyes opened wide in amazement, opened the door, crossed the threshold and was warmly greeted. “We’ve been waiting for you! Welcome!”

As you are, New Year, as you are.

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