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Keep Calm and Carry On

I heeded the call, and after a time of deep reflection and a long gestation ;-), I readied to release my self, my offerings and my next chapter. As I took each step, a growing circle of caring and encouraging doulas surrounded me. Early on one assured me – ‘This is a divine creation Christine, take the time that you need. We will wait for you.’ Another affirmed ‘It is YOUR presence that the world needs.’ And so I reclaimed my name. ‘Your contributions have been significant, please include rather than discard them.’ And so I did. And then the flow and the beautiful co-creative dance began. Sometimes an almost too-much-to-contain surging wave, other times a gentle waterfall. Images came to mind and were chosen, a logo was birthed, words were crafted and initial offerings fell into place. Our new website evoked, ‘This is an absolute representation of who you are!’ And so it is.

While I am compelled to continue, to open my heart, to extend my hand, and to create beloved communities, I acknowledge that there have been moments of wavering. And during such a fluttering moment, a Royal Indian Elephant was purchased especially for me, carefully packaged, transported, and tenderly gifted. ‘The royal elephant knows her path, Christine,’ the messenger conveyed. ‘She rises above all that may deter her and continues to steadfastly move forward, putting one foot in front of the other.’

And there it was – another touch of grace and the clear message to ‘keep calm and carry on.’ And so I shall.

With love and appreciation to my doulas Judith, ‘Nita, Geneviève, Jeanne, Liz and Samantha.


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